Case Studies

A Global Insurance Company

  • We were tasked to enhance a Talent Development Programme
  • More structured learning modules were added to the existing programme
  • The programme was customised for regional business needs
  • Seen an increase in meaningful interactions between junior managers and senior management

Feedback from the client

We asked Kate to help us with a Talent Development Programme for junior managers which would be a pilot for the region. 
The programme was loosely based on an existing design however we wanted to introduce a lot more structured learning modules to it. Kate played a crucial role in coming up with the appropriate developmental parts that would tie in with not only the purpose of the programme but also our business needs in the region.

Her ability to understand our different businesses and the flexibility to implement change accordingly combined with her delivery of the programme with a lot of energy has made this a success.

We have really seen our junior managers blossom and gain enormous amounts of confidence and increase their ability to have meaningful interactions with our Senior Management and in addition they also delivered projects that will have a positive commercial impact on the businesses.