Case Studies

‘Selling the Firm’: Barclays PLC

  • The Open Space conducted selling skills training from 2009 to 2013
  • We ran thorough diagnosis of needs, signed disclaimers, observed calls and designed templates to support the training in the business
  • We ran 34 sessions of this 2-day program
  • Sessions were conducted in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Seoul, Mumbai and Tokyo
  • Training approximately 350 Sales people from Front Office (Distribution)
  • Attendees ranged from fresh graduate level through to MD level
  • We engaged with all MD’s in advance of the training to help design and develop a useful set of tools for the business’ needs
  • We scoped out the Sales Cycle and processes at Barclays, Japan and worked with a local trainer to re-design the course to fit in culturally
  • Feedback from the sessions was consistently high

Feedback from Barclays PLC

All attendees, from Analysts to MD, found the STF training session highly interactive, challenging, and productive despite a significant variation in knowledge and experience. The juniors had their first look into strategy while the more experienced seniors enhanced their skills and shared their experience.

All these unique dynamics were carefully crafted, orchestrated and facilitated by Kate Lascelles and her team of professionals.  As a result, our STF training sessions led our Front Office business to discussion and resolution on some important business process issues. More importantly, we hear wonderful success stories of sales pitches and closures from our sales force post-training.

I must compliment Kate on the excellent rollout of the training in Asia Pacific! We had awesome facilitation & coaching — the perfect combination of technical expertise, fun, patience and experience. We covered so much more than I would ever have expected, and so thoroughly!

Kate alone made the whole experience worth so much more than the cost.

Global Head of Learning and Development