Our Approach

We work with our clients as closely as possible to ensure training and behavioural outcomes hit the mark, every time. Approximately 75% of our clients are returning clients, meaning, that we have cumulative learning about our clients’ business, their marketplaces, their challenges and people so we can truly make sessions relevant.

It is not uncommon on completion of a training program for a delegate to ask “So, how long have you worked here?” We take this as a compliment and acknowledgment of our upfront investment. We also see this as confirmation of creating relevant, bespoke sessions.

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All of our programs are tailored to the clients’ specific needs through a thorough diagnosis phase. This can take up to 5 meetings with stakeholders as well as calls, meetings and questionnaires with delegates and 360-degree conversations take place ahead of coaching engagements.

Design and development of content takes place next, drawing on our years of experience, past and current training partners, current research and ‘best practice’ techniques. For on-going roll-outs of programs re-assessment of content happens continuously based on feedback.

In the actual training room, content and focus will be further tailored according to the objectives and skills of the people who are there on the day.

Throughout and at the completion of any session it is important for delegates to reflect on their experience and learning. They will identify key areas of importance for their application and commit to some specific action in these areas within an agreed timeframe. Review exercises and materials will often be sent out at 6 weeks post training and delegates will be asked to write about application and challenges. This is often best complimented with 1:1 or whole group coaching sessions/calls. Advanced programs may be tailored at this point.

“The approach is facilitation rather than classroom teaching.”

Our training room approach is underpinned by current theories on adult learning, These theories assume that the adult learner brings life-experience into the training and learns best through experiences.
We create relevant practical role-plays and exercises which test out concepts and techniques and ask the participants to share their own experiences.

The Open Space assumes that all delegates bring a level of understanding to each idea. We look to build on that knowledge with the range of tools we have gathered from experience training all across the globe.

Everything that happens in the room should be directly transferrable back to the business and should help them towards their work goals.